Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Super Star Makeup Artist - Pat McGrath

Enough can't be said for a makeup genius like Pat McGrath. She is the hardest working and always in demand makeup artist in the world! I admire her ability to create new looks that are whimsical, inspirational and beautiful. I ask myself "what is her secret?" All who come in contact with her say she is the best in the industry and models embrace her with great admiration. That's just who Ms. McGrath is, a real person with a creative soul. I am an aspiring makeup artist, a neophyte in this fantastic industry and I hope to be half as good as Ms. McGrath! She inspires me to reach the heights she has achieved. I hope to get there some day, it would be a surreal dream come true. I will be keeping a sharp eye on this very special lady. Ms. McGrath, I have my running shoes on and I'm right behind you!

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