Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fashion Week - Front Row

Do you ever wonder who really sits in the front row of fashion shows during Fashion Week, I know I do! I remember watching Sex In The City the movie, Samantha got tickets for the girls to attend a fashion show during fashion week, Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte where so impressed to be setting on the front row. What's up with the front row, besides being able to see better then those in the back rows, and who gets to sit in those seats? Well with a little research I found out!

The A-List reads like a who's who in fashion and in Hollywood, beginning with Anna Wintour (I think she is great at what she does) editor and chief of Vogue US, Joe Zee editor and chief of Elle US and Harper's Bazaar US, and there are several more influential editors that are also on that list. Along side the editors are trendsetting stylist like Marie Amelie Sauve of Vogue Paris and Italia and Grace Coddington of Vogue US. There are powerful buyers and popular bloggers to add to the front row also! Blogger Tavi Gevinson, Style Rookie is the name of her blog, and the fascinating thing about her is, she's only 13! Another blogger who gets invited to sit in the front row is Bryanboy, blog by the same name. Now who are the celebrities who frequent the front row of these fashion shows? Well, there are any number of celebs, the list is so long I can only list a few. The following celebs have been seen on the front row; Sarah Jessica Parker, Pamela Anderson, Victoria (Posh) Beckham, Claudia Schiffer, Gwyneth Paltrow and Rihanna.

The reason the front row is so hot, is the designer’s clothes. The designers’, need the A-list to influence the public to buy their clothes, because celeb opinions do matter, they are placed in the front row because of who they are and strength of their public appeal. There are only four weeks that will influence the way we dress from season to season, and there is no other event that will have the same impact on fashion-as Fashion Week. So the A-list is on hand to promote it, to experience the sites and sounds of the latest outfits for the upcoming season, and to socialize with one another.

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