Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cosmetic Review - Eye Shadow Primer

Ok I just had to do a review on Urban Decays Primer Potion! I can't hear enough about this product! I watch a lot of YouTube makeup tutorials and almost if not everyone mentions this product. I haven't tried it yet but mark my words I plan on buying some in the very near future! You use this product to prep your eyelids for eyeshadow application. It keeps your eyeshadow from creasing also your eyeshadow will last all day, it gives your eyeshadow a more vibrant and lasting color. The genie in these bottles is silicone which makes your application smooth and silky. I have to get some! I will give you my review on just how good it is in a future post. Tell me what you think of this product if you have it in your makeup arsenal.

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