Saturday, March 20, 2010

Discoveries-Market Street

There is a gem of a place, right in the heart of Inglewood, California. That place is historic in every way! It is Market Street. I was there today; I go there because of a beauty supply store that I discovered. This beauty supply has everything you could ever need, and it is a very large store. So I go and make my purchase of things that I needed, which was, my very first lace front wig. I will take pictures of me in the wig for a future post. Well as I completed my purchase, I proceed outside, and I saw the most beautiful buildings! This street has been here since the1940's and the buildings are gorgeous-very art deco. So I had to take pictures and share them with you. The jewel on the whole street is the old Fox Theater, wow she speaks volumes, she's like a great movie star that will live on in every ones memories! She is tired though and in need of a face lift, and I discovered (with a little research) that she just might get that long deserved renovation! I also discovered that the current owner is a former NFL linebacker, Mark Fields. I took pictures of a few other buildings, on Market Street, and had a great time discovering little sweet treasures today!

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